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  • I voted 3 because that is how many I HAVE... somedays I want more... then they all wake up from their nap, I change some poopies, they start fighting over a toy and snap my azzz back to reality.
  • I would love 4 but we haven't agreed upon that. DH wants 3 but we will see!
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  • SS- always wanted 4.  But been pregnant 4 times with no kids, so I'm thinking 0 is our number.
    Fuuck TTC - I'm moving on.
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  • I wanted two, but I am damn lucky to have the one that I have.  So, I guess that we are "one and done".
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  • I already have 4.  I'm good with that.

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  • I want 3, MH wants 2, so we shall see where we go from there
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  • We have 2 kids and are done. =)
  • I want 5, DH is terrified of infants so we need to get past the first one and take it from there.
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  • I put S.S.

    We definitely know we want more than one. Most days we want 3 or 5, but I guess we will just have to see how everything goes. It took us 11mo to get this little guy, and this pregnancy hasn't been the most awesome time of our lives, so... 

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    I want 2 (maybe 3, if things go well with the 1st two).  DH always said he wants a ton.  Well I am about to be 33, so a ton is out.  :)  My guess is we will end up with 2.

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