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Secondary IF

Girls who didn't have IF problems w/ #1

What is your diagnosis (if you have one)?

Just curious. I'm still dumbfounded by the whole concept that you can get pregnant easily the first time, only to struggle the next. I know first hand it can happen, yet it still suprises me to see it.


Re: Girls who didn't have IF problems w/ #1

  • I don't have a complete official one yet.  Still in the testing stages with the RE.

    It went from unexplained to diminished ovarian reserve and hostile CM.  I've had issues with fibroids and scar tissue from the c-section as well.  

    I've got a whole bevy of issues!

  • Nothing!  The dr. is perplexed as well as us!!
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  • We don't have a formal diagnosis, but everything points to PCOS (long/irregular cycles, multiple follices on U/S, etc). Also maybe some mild MF (low volume, too much coagulation?), but that remains to be seen.

    Personally, I'm convinced that I got PG easily the first time b/c I had been on the pill for 8 yrs. I was only on my second cycle off of it, and I swear my body was tricked into thinking I was more regular.

  • The only thing I've been officially diagnosed with was Secondary Infertility.  But, my RE thinks that my problems stem more from the boatload of scar tissue that she pulled out of my ute in early March.  I had a major hemorrage (sp?) after DS was born that she thinks caused my three m/cs. 
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  • I got the official "unexplained 2if" diagnosis right after the RE did testing.

    The only thing that I had going on was random annovulation  All my tests came back clear and the SA was perfect.

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  • I've been diagnosed with Diminshing Ovarian Reserve (DOR) and also Stage ll in the world I ever conceived DD#1 is simply a miracle!


  • I've gotten unexplained 2IF..all testing done but both DH and I came out with clear frustrating that we can't get answers though.
  • No real diagnosis.

    DD and DS were easily conceived so we thought there would be no issue TTC #3 - surprise!  It took us 14 months to get a BFP only to lose it very early on.  It took us another 11 months to get a BFP and we needed Clomid and acupuncture to get it.  My CD 3 bloodwork and u/s showed no issues.

    Dr said she thought my ovulations were just not "strong" enough suddenly in order to achieve and sustain a pregnancy.  I had never heard it before but....

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  • I got pg with ds on the second month, barely even trying. Now it's been over 2 years and one miscarriage. Had a slew of tests and everything is clear except severe endo discovered via lap. My dr thinks I've had endo most of my life but it just got progressivly worse and that's why I'm having troubles now. He said I was very lucky to get pg so easily with ds. He's my little miracle child :)
  • No official diagnosis yet still running tests but leaning towards PCOS. DH has a SA next week so we will see what that shows also, he is dumbfounded by the whole concept too. Hopefully we will have some answers next week.
  • Endometriosis with only one ovary and tube.  I got pg with my DD within a year of my surgery that discovered my endo.  That may have helped.  During my Csection, the Dr. said that not being able to have a second might be a possibility.  I tried for one year, did one IVF that ended in m/c, and now am trying a FET. 
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  • I got PG with DS first month off BCP.  I had him via c-sec.  Since then, I felt like something was different, I was having really sharp pains and not just during ovulation.  So after trying for about a year for #2, I had a HSG and an U/S and my RE noticed a dark spot and didn't think it was a follicle.  I went back to my OB and told her, she did an U/S and saw it too.  She started to do a lapo and ended up having to remove both my tubes (one had endo and the other had a paratubal cyst).  I also have a DOR.  I always wonder if my tubes were like this before DS and if they were he was a miracle.  So now we are doing IVF.

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    Nothing!  The dr. is perplexed as well as us!!

    This!  "Unexplained" secondary IF.  SUCKS!

  • Unexplained.

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  • My husband was diagnosed with 0% morph after we had our first child.  Also, by the time we were trying for our second I was of advanced maternal age, had borderline high fsh and was considered by my RE to be a poor responder.  I have less than optimal antral follicles too for my age.  So, nothing super bad for me and yet it took IVF for us to have our daughter.

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  • My Dx was pretty basic...PCOS. Pretty much had very late O, long cycles, hormonal acne, etc.  My daughter was a surprise after 5 months of not using protection.  When I came off BCP I was pregnant immediately not even a month later but it was an m/c.  it took a little over a year (charting and using O sticks) to get PG again and have it stick.
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  • Unexplained - which makes this whole thing harder.  I constantly wonder if it was completely random that I got pg with #1 since for #2, I cannot seem to get pg to save my life.  MH does have low morph so we have to do ICSI for IVF but that cannot be the only reason since I have an 85-90% fert rate with ICSI and my 3 IVFs have been huge fails.  Also, I don't know if MH's morph was an issue with #1 or, again, we just got lucky. 


    It's crazy and the part that kills me most is people I know that had horrible difficulty conceiving #1 but then have a surprise BFP with #2 (many friends have had that happen).  While I'm so happy for them, I find it so ironic that I seem to have had the opposite thing happen.

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  • Mostly unexplained.  Endo.  compound hetero MTHFR.
  • It took me about 4 years and 1 m/c to have our son. After not being able to get pregnant again we did IVF and found I have eggs that do not mature after being fertilized. I was so lucky to have something to transfer and it took.
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    Nothing!  The dr. is perplexed as well as us!!, to TTC #2, I took Clomid.  After a little over a year on Clomid, decided to let it go, and not try and just accept DS will be an only child.  Two months later, got my BFP!!!  So, don't know what to expect to TTC #3...

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  • My thyroid and progesterone levels are out of whack.
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