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Let down

This is kind of embarassing when it happens, but does anyone else literally squirt their LO in the face, or squirt across the room when LO pulls away? I feel like a firehose

Re: Let down

  • Yup!  Over-active letdown... I've been there.  For me, it regulated over time and hasn't been a problem since LO was probably 4 months old.  LOs will get used to it and become better able to manage the flow.  I'd keep a burp cloth or small towel on hand at every feeding to catch the squirts and any extra milk that spills out of LO's mouth.  Nursing in a side lying position also helps and so does leaning back and having LO be more on top of you- gravity slows the flow.
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  • Yes, it's a little better now that DS is older, but it still happens. It took DS a few months to adjust to chugging his milk, poor guy! :-)

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  • Haha, yep!  it still happens from time to time.  The poor look on her face when she gets some on her face...oh, well.  
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  • I just did this today (not the first time)! It literally squirted her in the face, hit the bed frame, and got all over floor. Too funny!
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