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So...I could use some crossed fingers right now

Today is 12 dpo of cycle #17. AF has NEVER, ever, come later than 12 dpo. It's 10:30 pm on 12 dpo and she's MIA.

I had some weird spotting at 9 dpo, then some brown cm-ish spotting (just a tiny bit) 10 dpo and 11 dpo. Tested this morning when AF wasn't here yet, and BFN.

But she's still not here. And there has been no more spotting at all today. No cramping. No EWCM-ish discharge like I usually have pre-AF. Nothing. Came home from work and couldn't help but test again - BFN. 

But she's still MIA. 

If she's still MIA in the morning, I'll bust out another FRER and see what it says. So if anyone wouldn't mind crossing some fingers, toes, eyes - whatever Smile I could really use the good vibes right now.

I'm balancing somewhere between cautious optimism, and looking over my shoulder waiting for AF to strike suddenly and without warning!

Thanks for any good vibes you can send my way!


Re: So...I could use some crossed fingers right now

  • I can't believe you've made it TO 12dpo, much less past it! You've come so far!

    I am saying a ton of prayers for you tonight. I hope this is it!! 

  • I know, right? Even when I was TTC #1, I never had an LP that lasted past 12 dpo. This is a new record if nothing else. Hey- have to look on the bright side somewhere, right? LOL!
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  • ***Fingers are Crossed***
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  • Good luck! I hope this is ti for you
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  • hope4ushope4us
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    Wishing you the best of luck and praying for a BFP soon!  Also my fingers and toes are crossed.
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  • Fingers and toes are crossed!
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  • Everything is crossed for you!!!
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  • Everything crossed for you!  Good luck :)
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