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What does LO's poop smell like?

My LO's poop does not smell like what you would think baby poop would smell like.  It has such a weird stench....not of poop, but of something else (not sure what though).  It doesn't really bother me like normal poop smell would bother me.  Does anyone else's LO's poop not smell like regular poop?  lol
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Re: What does LO's poop smell like?

  • We FF and it smells so bad I always have a gag reflex when I open up her diaper.
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  • I described the smell to someone as rotten sauerkraut.  Just awful! 
  • Breast fed, and hers smells sweet.

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  • I EBF and luckily there is no smelll
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  • smells like tuna or something!


  • We FF and DD's poop smells so bad.  I describe it as rotten eggs.  DH and I always turn away when we open the diaper.  We laugh about how something so small can create such a stench.
  • image Brandi Bee:
    I breastfeed exclusively and my daughter's poop STINKS.  I didn't get so lucky as to have sweet smelling poop or poop with no smell.  Sometimes I even wonder if I should mention it to the ped....it seriously stinks.

    DS has major stinky poop. He also tends to have very mucousy poop so they keep an eye on him. So far nothing has turned up.

  • reminds me of yogurt
  • She is EBF and it doesn't smell!
  • I EBF and DH says her poops smell like sweaty milk lol
  • landon's doesn't really smell...i EP & he gets formula @ night.
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  • Our DS's poop smells like hot buttered popcorn.
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