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Holy helluva day!

Dylan cried almost all afternoon.  The only time he didn't cry was when I held him on my chest.  I finally gave up on getting anything done and laid down on the couch with him on me for 4 hours until DH got home from work.  I think it's a gas pain issue and have been putting mylicon drops in every bottle for the last couple of days...

What do you give/or do for your LO when he/she has gas?


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Re: Holy helluva day!

  • We have her gas drops and switched to Good Start. So far so good.
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  • gripe water 1 ml. I adore the person who came up with gripe water. They deserve a medal or a holiday

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  • we've been using mylicon and letting him have his paci when all else fails.  he usually falls asleep after about a minute with it in his mouth if he's got a clean diaper and a full belly! :)
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  • we massage her belly and move her legs around. It sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't.
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