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2 mo occasionally throws up everything - normal?

My ebf 2 mo is a good eater, has gained really well, and is generally happy and seems fine. She's thrown up (projectile, massive amounts of stuff everywhere) twice in the past week (sunday and again this morning). Doesn't seem sick, smiles and interacts just fine before and after vomiting.

Is this okay? or should I be dragging her off to the pediatrician?

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Re: 2 mo occasionally throws up everything - normal?

  • for PROJECTILE VOMITING, i would definitely call the pedi, it is very different from regular spit-up. Could be reflux?

    Keep in mind that sometimes the actual amount of spit-up is way less than it seems, also spitting-up tends to increase around 1-2 months age and peak at about 4 months.

    frequent burping and keeping baby upright for 20-30 min after feeding usually helps prevent excessive spitting up. GL

  • I had a happy spitter who seemed to spit up twice as much as he ate regularly for the first six months or so of his life.  He was never upset about spitting up and he gained weight and liked to eat.  I addressed it with the pediatrician early on and he said as long as my son continued to be a happy spitter and gain weight there was nothing to be worried about.
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  • This happened twice about that same age for me.  I think of it as "throwing up" as opposed to "spitting up."  I didn't call, because it was 2 isolated incidents.  If it had happened again, I probably would have called.
  • DD has pyloric stenosis they get it at 6-8 weeks it is a hardening of the stomach muscle that drains food from the stomach to the large intestine. She has to have 3 operations to correct it. It is a fairly common birth defect but usually runs somewhere in the family. We found out later that I had an uncle with it when he was a baby. It was a rough go for us.


    It started out as occassional projectile vomiting and turned into a daily thing. What happens is they only spit up when their stomach is completely full and it is projectile because the pyloric muscle has a spasm forcing the milk out. DD was complely happy all the time too. It happens only every few days because that is how many feedings it takes to completely fill their stomach. If she continues I would take her in. 

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