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nursing strike :(

I am beside myself m won't nurse and hasn't since last night.... he normally nurses lik at least 5 times a day! I am dying... 

I am just so upset about it... i know it doesn't mean that he is weaning but i can't help but feel rejected :(   I am pretty sure it is because he is teething he has just been all around uncomfortable actually!

I just don't know what to do ... he doesn't take a bottle do i try to put ebm in a sippy???? 

I guess i just need some encouraging stories of people who have overcome strikes...  

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Re: nursing strike :(

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    My LO just finished a nursing strike. I only nurse twice a day and he did take a bottle during the day. I just let him go to sleep without nursing and after a few days of not nursing at night he did finally get back on. My situation is different because he does take a bottle during the day.
  • he nursed on the one side last night because he was so sleepy but he hasn't again since :( it just breaks my heart... i guess i need to just keep trying ...


    i'm feeding him by cup because he won't take a bottle! ugh so annoying!?

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