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Im so clumsy

So I've had surgery on my knee after I injured it in Iraq 2008.  Well its been bothering me for a few weeks.  Today I went to my moms house to visit with my sister and brothers.  Well and their kids (10 total ranging from 12 to 4 months)  I was walking up the basement stairs with my moms laptop and a can of pepsi in my hand when my 2 year old nephew ran into me.  I fell right on my bad knee.  So I spent the night at the ER.  They cant tell if my knee cap is fractured due to the swelling.  Now I am in a knee stabilizer and suppost to use crutches which is not possible with a 11 week old.  The problem is I have DD by myself this weekend while DH is out of town.  Thank goodness  my 12  year old neice is coming home with me to help me out for the weekend. 

 I hope everyone elses night is going better than mine. 

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Re: Im so clumsy

  • Oh, that sucks, do you have a moby or something?  You could use crutches with baby in the moby.
  • Nope I do not have a Moby.  I wanted to make a moby with Jersey Knit Fabric but I havent found any in our local store.  Maybe DH will justify me spending the money for it now.  lol 
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