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AW: DH is too sweet!

I went upstairs to put LO to bed and when I went to sit down in the glider to rock him, I noticed a card from DH.  He wrote (among other things) "over the last year your body and mind have been through it all, and you handled it all with grace" and "thank you so much for taking such good care of us".  I got through the first three words and started balling!  I've literally cried every night since coming home from the hospital (happy tears, sad tears, scared tears-the whole range) and tonight were the best tears yet!

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    What a sweet guy.  That is such a kind thing to say!
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  • That is wonderful.  Definitely a keeper.
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  • Wow! What a keeper Smile
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  • Awwwwww.....that is too sweet! I've got one of those kind of guys too, and I try not to take him for granted. Lucky us! Enjoy!
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  • Very sweet!! It's nice to be noticed.
  • Awesome!

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