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What's on tap this weekend??

Re: What's on tap this weekend??

  • DH went dirt bike riding this weekend so it is just me and the kiddo.  Tonight my mom is coming over and I'm going to the Sugarland concert.  Tomorrow us girls are hanging out for the day.  Not sure what our plans will be yet. 
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  • Tommorrow is my birthday and DH took the day off.  We are heading to the Sac Zoo and they are having a heritage festival.  Don't know what we'll do the rest of the weekend.
  • I'll be continuing my bed rest, oh joy! I'll hopefully be convincing DH to finish unpacking all of our moving boxes, we had a bit of a debacle yesterday involving a woman from church unpacking our boxes (see blog for details). lol. It was bad.

    Oh, and if it's sunny we might spend some time resting by the pool.

  • Not exactly sure what we're doing tomorrow.  Sunday we may try squeezing in a local Cinco de Mayo celebration and then getting together w/some of DH's family in the p.m. 
  • Tonight is sushi/movie night.  Tomorrow I told DH to go golf since he needs some "me" time so Char and I might go shopping and/or visit my mom.  Other than that, no plans.  It's supposed to be really nice so hopefully lots of time will be outdoors.
  • For once we have a pretty laidback weekend planned. DH is gonna play golf tomorrow w/a buddy and then we may go shopping. On Sunday, I have an early morning run date and then will most likely just be putzing around getting us ready for the week (Sean starts school Monday--eeeek!).
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    Garage sale at my place tomorrow.  One Sunday, DH is golfing with his dad and I'm taking the kids to the 2nd Annual Solid Grooves Picnic in Santa Clara.
  • Tomorrow we are going into San Francisco to have dinner at the Pacific Cafe with DH's parents. Oh and we are telling them that I am pregnant tomorrow (so excited)

    And I am working on Sunday but it is my first day in maternity clothes and not my uniform so I am actually looking forward to it.  

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