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Too much milk?

My DS is in the NICU, and two weeks ago, they told me to stop bringing in milk since we had filled up his freezer space. I've been pumping and freezing the milk at home and now our kitchen freezer is completely full of milk. I checked yesterday, and they told me that they still have TONS in their freezer.

 By  the time he comes home, I will have over 3 weeks of milk frozen. I'm pumping more each time than he eats in a single feeding, so it's probably well over a month's worth at this point.

BM can only be stored in a regular freezer for 3 months, and I don't think I'll need this massive stash by the end of July.  DH and I are debating buying a deep freezer, but can't see when we'd need that much milk. Once DS comes home, I will be breastfeeding, but also pumping. I'll be going back to work part time, but will be pumping at work.

How much milk do you all have in your freezer stash? Have any of you just decided that enough is enough and tossed some of it? (or, stopped freezing the milk?)

Am I completely crazy to think of  "wasting" this extra milk?

Re: Too much milk?

  • I do think kind of 'crazy'....but not in a seriously bad way.  I guess it's because I treat my milk like gold!!  Before throwing it away...please look into donating it to someone or baby in need.  THANKS

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    I had 2000oz of milk and I did buy a deep freezer. You would be surprised at how your milk decreases when you go back to work.

    As my LO gets closer to one year I have been donating extra milk each month. There are so many babies/women who need donated breast milk I would strongly recommend seeing if you can donate it. 

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