I'm going to AW it up! PIP — The Bump

I'm going to AW it up! PIP

Here are some of the pics we got today.  They both did really good even I was impressed!





I'm done...maybe it would be fun if you added a pic of your cutie(s)...

Re: I'm going to AW it up! PIP

  • How sweet!!!

    Mr. P is such a photogenic little guy.  He has a great smile.  :)

  • That last pic of them together is awesome! Your DS really does have a winning smile!
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    <img width=250 src="http://tinyurl.com/9mph27n">
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  • Great pictures!! I love the first and last one. Awww!
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  • omg, those are absolutely precious!  your babies and so pretty, i could eat them up!
  • sTop it! That last one is too too sweet!
  • So adorable! Both little ones did a great job! I could never get DS to take good pictures before 18 months.
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