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Seasonal allergies in LO?

DD has had a real runny nose with watery eye(s) the past few days.  Her sleep has also been a mess but that could be due to molars.  I'm thinking its allergies since the pollen here now is terrible and everyone is complaining that allergies are really bad now.

If your LO has them what were the symptoms and how do you treat them if at all?

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Re: Seasonal allergies in LO?

  • i just posted something similar today.... runny nose, eyes watering like crazy sneezing like crazy, really red, rosey cheeks, sleep so interrupted. waking up for sure at least once but whining throughout sleep at night. at night she is so congested but during the day her nose runs like a faucet :) today actually started to get better after 2 days of all above symptoms. i have just been giving tylenol and teething tablets (i think her cuspids are coming in, just got the molars)

     hope your LO gets better! 

  • When we took DS for his 15mo appt a few weeks ago, the pedi thought he had allergies JUST based on how his skin looked. Something about the pattern of redness that cropped up when he was crying. He was getting over a cold, so hard to tell. But now the last 2 days his eyes are red and lids are swollen, runny nose that he keeps itching... just looks awful!

    She told us to start Zyrtec 1/2 tsp at nighttime. Hope it helps!!

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  • My lo has the same symptoms, plus a non-bumpy red rash on both cheecks.  We are away from home(out of state) and there is pollen everywhere.  I think it's a combo of teething and allergies...poor little thing.  I'm going to buy her a vaporizer to help her sleep tonight and if I can get through the weekend will take her to a pedi here.  

    I have no medical background, but please speak with your pedi before giving zyrtec to your little one.  in some cases it causes heart problems in patients.  i know this because my husband was on it, hospitalized for passing out, extremely low heartbeat, etc.  no one knew what was wrong until a doctor came along and told us about the issue with zyrtec.  he stopped taking it and has been fine ever since. 

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