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When did/will you do 1st visits to eye dr & dentist?

Re: When did/will you do 1st visits to eye dr & dentist?

  • Dentist 18 Months

    Eye Dr. when she show issues or 4 

    beautiful little girl!

  • I am a hygienist .I see 2 y/o. Usually 3 is the starting age unless there is a prob

    BTW good luck getting a little one to open their mouth ....The  biggest problems the young ones have is the pacifier! It pulls there upper teeth out and they get the monkey bite..NOT GOOD

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  • Teeth, 2.  Eyes, probably 5 or sooner if she has issues.  I had glasses in the 3rd grade.  So did my sister and dad.
  • My oldest had his first dental appt at 3 I think.

    His first eye exam at 6.

  • Teeth, 12 months (this is the official recommendation); eyes, around 4 or 5 years

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  • 1yr for both teeth & eyes for both kids.

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  • Probably 2 for the teeth.  The eyes, well my sis and BIL are eye docs so they've checked some already.
  • DD just turned 2 and we are scheduling both right now.  For eyes we are only doing it now since I had eye problems as a young toddler.

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  • We've already seen both. The ped.dentist due to hyper white enamel at 12mos (and a follow up at 18mos) and the ped.opth at 21mos because of MH's concerns that one of her eyes seemed to him like it turned inward in pics (we'll go back in 1yr to check on things).

    So both issues turned out to be nothing but we feel good knowing for sure and don't mind just continuing with these docs for now. I don't imagine the eye doc will remain on the roster after the 1yr followup as long as nothing seems off but the dentist is a keeper going forward :)

  • If you have a history of eye problems I wouldn't wait. I had glasses starting at 2 so I took G at 6 months and again 3 mos later. He will go for another follow up when he's about 18 months.  So far so good on that front.

    Dentist probably 2 or whenever pedi suggests it.



  • Actually, we've done both already.  There's some pediatric eye thing that is free for kids (under 2 I think!)  I saw it on here a long time ago and contacted a local eye dr.  Dentist was last week at 14.5 mos.  They cleaned his all four of his teeth and put some fluoride on them.  It was a pediatric dentist and they suggested coming back in 6 mos, so we made an appt for that.
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  • Hm.  I know that officially, we should go to the dentist now (at 1 year).  However, my insurance carrier won't cover her till 2.  And I haven't been to the dentist myself in two years, but I suppose that's a different issue...  Eyes, I haven't thought about it, but I should.  I'm legally blind (without glasses or contacts), and I wouldn't be surprised if DD had poor vision.  I'll have to ask the pedi at the next appointment...
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  • Teeth probably at 2.

    Eyes at 3. 

    I work for a group of eye docs and they recommend around age 3, sooner if probs are noted. Things like a "lazy eye", or when one eye is way stronger than the other need to be corrected by age SEVEN or there's a good chance vision will not be restored. Kids don't know their vision is poor and may not exhibit any symptoms. Take your kids early!!!!

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  • Our pediatrician and my dentist recommend starting the dentist around age 3.  I'm not sure when we'll make an appt for the eye doctor.
  • Our pedi recommended DS go for his first cleaning at his 18 month appt, but we haven't gone yet. I think we'll make an appointment for a cleaning this summer. He's been off the bottle since 15 months, hasn't ever taken a paci, doesn't drink juice or lots of sugary foods, so I really can't think of a reason he'd need to go much earlier.

    Not sure about the eye doctor. We'll probably take him at 4 or 5, unless a problem arises before then.

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