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When is your due date? I think we are exactly on the same track for 9/27. I'll be 19 weeks on Sunday.

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  • Weird, I'm supposed to be 9/25 but I thought my weeks turned over on Saturdays!


    Woot woot! Congrats! When is your anatomy scan?

  • I was 7 weeks and 1 day at my very first appt on a Monday. So I'm working on the idea that my weeks flip on Sunday. All of my tickers are a day off, so who really knows. I still like my Sunday rollover though!

    I think I already had it last week when we found out the gender. They took measurements and told me she was 9oz. So I don't think I'm going back for another one anytime soon. My next appt is on 5/20, so I'll be about 22 weeks then. I think my doc said my next big test would be the 1 hour glucose. Where are you planning on delivering? We are going to pre-register with El Camino Los Gatos (used to be LG Community Hospital).

    Yay for a EDD week buddy! How are you feeling?



  • Yup, you already did it! The glucose thing is pretty nasty-tasting but not terrible. :D My sister is also pregnant (due two weeks after we are) but she had to do the glucose test an extra time (already) because she failed the 1 hour for her first kiddo so I guess they like to torture people that that happens too, lol.


    I had my first at Sequoia and will do so with the second, too. I am so excited! I feel great except for the fact that I severely sprained my ankle  over lunch :) Falling like that while pregnant is a little scary but I feel okay in the belly so all is good. My anatomy scan is Thurs, I'm excited to see little lungs and a heart and brain! WOO!


    How are YOU feeling?

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