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NBR: ? If you have a tattoo.

I've wanted to get a tattoo forever but never got one because I never knew what I wanted. Well I finally found the perfect thing. I want to get a quote from Harry Potter. I know it sounds lame but I always loved the quote and it took on a whole new meaning when my dad passed away. It is "the ones we love never truly leave us". I'm thinking of getting this on my lower back or hip area and wondered how painful that will be? Also would it be lame to get it done in white ink instead of black?
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Re: NBR: ? If you have a tattoo.

  • I don't think it sounds lame! You like HP a lot, and what a lovely way to remember your dad!

    I have a tattoo on my lower back. I honestly didn't think it was *that* painful...in fact I thought the majority of it was just uncomfortable. With a few painful moments mixed in. Stick out tongue

    From what I hear, tattoos are the most painful in areas that have less "padding". I would think the lower back or hip would be much better than somewhere like the top of a foot or ankle.

    I don't know about white ink, though...it seems like that would show up better on someone with a darker skin tone?

    ETA: I consider myself to have a pretty high pain threshold; I don't know if that's the case for you too.

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  • I have one on my hip and it hurt way more than the ones on my ankles. But don't worry about how bad it will hurt (because it's not that bad IMO, and if you're having trouble they can stop and it goes away immediately), just think about where you want it forever.

    The white ink is tricky, if you want that make sure you go to someone very experienced with it. There are a few different ways to do white tattoos but a lot of artists still won't do them - and white ink has a tendency to fade. 

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  • when i got mine (one on the top of my foot, and one 'tramp stamp' :-/ ) I just wanted to make sure they were in places I could cover up easily with clothing. IMO, some ppl judge and its best if they dont know about your tattoos until after they know you already. But again, thats just my opinion. 

    SO - personally i think the spots youre considering are great! but the lower back is a bit jaded by the whole 'tramp stamp' thing. I have one and wish I could get rid of it.

    White ink isnt the best choice because its a newer ink option and from what I know it fades even more than any other color. odd, right? But what about doing an orange or red? I wanted one on my wrist and planned on doing it red... but thats not easy to cover so i never did it.

    i dont think theyre painful. they sting and afterwards feel like a sunburn. 



  • I agree with the others...it's not so much painful as it is an irritation.  I have one on my hip and one on my lower back.  They both felt like a cat scratching me, but the one on my back was worse.  The hip was almost nothing.  I would advise against white ink unless you outlined it in black because it does fade more than the other colors.
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  • it does hurt, but it hurts no matter where you get it. You just have to be prepared for once you start, you cant stop. Also i no nothing on the white ink, maybe a little field trip to a shop to discuss before getting it done?
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