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Grant looks so big in that picture. Love it. The sneakers make him look like a big boy. How is he doing with Daddy being home now?
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Re: Marni

  • Thanks!  I have decided that Grant will always have a pair of red Chucks.  I've already got his second pair ready for when he out grows this pair.

    Grant is LOVING having his daddy home!  Grant never had a moment of "who are you and why are you holding me" with DH.  :o)  

    Life has been really busy since DH got back.  We picked him up 20 days ago. . . and I counted this morning, we have been traveling for 15 of those days.  Fortunately, we are home now (as of two hours ago) and have no plans to go anywhere until we move in three weeks.

    How are you doing?  I heard that y'all got some lovely Spring snow.  I hope you and your family are doing well!

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  • Oh that is so awesome that he took to him right away esp since he was/is in the separation anxiety phase.

    Gosh 20 days that time goes fast. Glad to hear you guys get a break before the move. I hope Grant was good in the car.

    Things are good,- very busy, just spending some quality time together before the deployment. Oh yeah the snow was fun esp since I had to go out the day for her 9 month check up. Haha thank god we are supposed to have a nice weekend. Enjoy yours.

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  • I know that the time leading up to deployment is hard.  I hope that you are able to get some really good family time in!

    Grant has not gone through any separation anxiety (yet).  I've been waiting for it, but he shows no signs, as of yet.  

    Grant travels really well.  We just got back from driving to Northern Virginia.  Ten hours each way (we do it in two days).  It helps that one of us sits in back with him, but still.  He's a trooper!  Since we did IVF at Walter Reed, DH jokes that they injected Grant with some Army engineering!

    Have a wonderful weekend and keep me posted on how things are going!

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  • That is great he did so well in the car for you guys.  We have some separation anxiety but I think it is passing- Yeah!!!!! Haha that is funny comment about the IVF. Will keep you posted on us.
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  • Hi Marni.  Just wanted to say that I'm glad your DH is home.  Long time, no talk but it looks like things are good on your end!
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