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What would you like for Mother's Day?

Any gifts you are hoping to receive? I would like a silver personalized disc necklace but I'm still trying to pick the perfect one.

Re: What would you like for Mother's Day?

  • I have a few items on my list. Too bad I married a man who has no concept on how to get girfts for special occasions. For this reason I do not feel bad about spending money on myself.

    I'd like a new lens for my camera, a particular watch or to have one of my mom's diamonds made into a necklace.

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  • I really want an ice cream maker!

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  • A pedicure (maybe the day before) and breakfast with my babes :)
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  • I would LOVE a piece of jewelry----like a bracelet with DS's name or a necklace or something (not expensive though)--but I have a feeling if I get anything at all, it'll be something super practical.  I'll be lucky if I even get a card.


  • I'd really like a personalized/stamped necklace from etsy with the kids names.. like $30, nothing crazy, but I don't think DH will get an actual gift. I hope I get a card ... and maybe an hour of free 'me-time' to go get a little pedicure alone or something. That'd be amazing.
  • The day off.

    That will only happen if this baby comes early.

  • LOL- to get knocked up.

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  • I'm getting my hair done - before I had DD, it was curly, and once I had her, it went straight. I don't know what happened. Anyway I'm going to get it curled and colored :)


  • Other than a nice card, I really just want time with the family... maybe an outing to the park or something fun like that.
  • http://www.imprintonmyheart.com/IOMH_Gallery/IOMH_256lg.gif 


    I'd like this. It's a locket with LO's fingerprint and inside they can put a picture or a piece of hair. But it's $425 bucks so that's not going to happen. 

  • A speedlight for my camera, a pedicure and time with my family Big Smile.
  • I'd like to just spend the day with DH and DS, but DH will be away (as usual).


    At least I'll get a nice piece of jewelry as an "I'm sorry" gift


    **as far as the gift - I constantly update a list for DH of what I want and then he picks and chooses from that list throughout the year

  • I picked out a mother's necklace on etsy... well I'm calling it a mother's necklace, lol... http://www.etsy.com/listing/42809661/silver-and-gold-necklace

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  • A DQ Ice cream cake and a gift card for a massage. :)
  • I think I want a windchime. :) Haven't even looked for one I like yet though. That or a new necklace chain.
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  • Nothing really. DH is out of work so money is tight. My only request is to sleep in till 9 or so (although DH does that for me a lot on the weekends!)
  • Spa Day or a nice watch
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  • I could care less for gifts.  It's a waste of money that we need.  I would really love just a day off where DH does most of the L stuff and doesn't give me a hard time about my fussy demands.  That's always the best gift.
  • A cleaning lady
  • A new lens for my camera and a spa day would be lovely. 
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  • I'm hoping to get a photo necklace from Jeanine Payer. I love the 'Verdi 2'.  If you're not familiar with her stuff, here it is: www.jeaninepayer.com


  • I have no one to hint to - so I am buying myself a Kindle




  • I also married a man who is not great at picking stuff out for me, so I have selected something to receive :)  This is what I am getting with my 4 kids names on it:  http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/custom-necklaces/heartstrings-necklace.html


    In addition, I would like to not have to see my MIL that day.  We'll see about that!

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  • DH asked me what I wanted to receive so I said a Moby and I'm really hoping I get one =)

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  • Intrinsically...Maybe go to the park and have time with DH and my LO.

     Extrinsically...pedicure, haircut, and some clothing

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