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I just wanted to say hello! I noticed we had the same due date! Are you from Northern CA or just stationed there? I grew up a few hours north of Sacramento and still have quite a bit of family in that area. What branch is your DH in? My H is AD Air Force and we're currently stationed in FL...not too bad of a first assignment Big Smile

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  • Yay for May 12th babies!!!!! I grew up in central CA and went to college in Chico. My H is AGR (Army) and we live outside Sacramento now. As soon as I finish grad school we are going to try and interstate transfer to TX, but now that I think about FL sounds like something I should check out before settling on TX!!

  • awesome. My mom lives in the Lincoln/Roseville area, I love it there. I went and stayed with her while DH went through BMT and Tech school since we lived in Maine at the time (his hometown) and I didn't really know that many people. My younger brother and his girlfriend both go to Chico State right now. A lot of my dads side of the family lives in Merced/Modesto...yuck. lol Central Cali isn't the grandest of places haha. I know a lot of people that looooove TX though. FL has been great though, we've been here about 9 months now.
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