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NBR: New Website for those who love to cook!

A new social  networking site that is geared primarily to recipes has gone public! I am still learning it, but LOVE it. 

Like facebook you have friends, but they are tastebuds! And you get paired to people that have similar tastes to you, so you know what recipes to try.  

Right now  they don't have a way to post your own recipes, they are working on that, but all the major recipes sights are counted for, including photos and calorie/nutrition information of the recipe.

If you want to find other people specifically, you have to know their name... and you go www.yummly.com/taste/<name>

If anyone wants to be my tastebud... www.yummly.com/taste/ronicedra 

I am totally absorbed in the site right now, and just have to share! Plus, I think tastebuds are so freakin' cute! 

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Re: NBR: New Website for those who love to cook!

  • That looks cool!!
    Andrew - Turns 3 on March 22!

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  • tastebuds...heh, cute!
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  • I can't get it to load... boo!  I'll try from home and see if it works. 
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