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bad news, then good news!

This morning I was having some spotting, so I completely freaked out.  I got to work, and saw more spotting, so I called for a sub, and went straight to the doctor.  Luckily they were really nice, and they did a blood test and ultrasound.  They said that the spotting was really normal, and not to worry.  Just to be on the safe side, I'm staying home today for some R&R.

The good news is that I'm having twins!!  They saw two yolk sacks.  Since I'm only in my 5th week, I have to go back in next week for another ultrasound to see if we can see heartbeats.  I'm so excited!!

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  • Wow!!! That's great news!! Continue to take it easy and enjoy!
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  • Holy crap that's is awesome news!!  Congrats x2!!  YAY!!!
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  • How exciting!!  Congrats!! Congrats!!
  • Oh wow!!!  Congratulations!!!
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  • Wow!!! Great news!!! Now put your feet up and relax.
  • Wow!  That is great news about the twins (there seem to be quite a bit of doubles going on around here lately!)--I'm sure the spotting is nothing.  Take it easy and rest up.
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  • That is awesome! Congrats!  I have had the on-and-off spotting since around that time.  It's light, watery pink and shows up on the toilet paper, not really in my underwear.  The nurse said it was common because the babies were establishing blood lines with you and some leaks out!
  • Congratulations on your twins!  Now take it easy - you need to rest up!
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  • Wow!  Great news!  Good wishes to both your little ones!

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  • Congrats to you!!!!!!

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  • That's so exciting!   Try to get some rest today!
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  • How exciting!!  GL and rest up!!Big Smile
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    that is wonderful, congrats!!
  • I like the good news portion!  Sucks that you are spotting.  That always is a scary thing.  Good luck!
  • Oh Saver that is awesome news (not the spotting part)!  Congratulations. FWIW I spotted with my DD early on and as you can see in the picture she is healthy and happy.  My Dr told me it was completely normal.  I of course (because it took me so long to get one in there) was freaking out!!!  GL next week.

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  • OMG! That's wonderful news! Congratulations!
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  • The spotting is normal, I did it with DD twice and had an uneventful pg. It scared the sh!t out of me, considering it was my 5th pg. Take it easy and enjoy being a couch potato. Congrats on twins, that's fantastic!!!!!
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  • Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that everything was ok and that you got even better news at the doctor. Rest up, and if I understood correctly from your post, you are a teacher, so at least you will be able to rest in several weeks once school is out.
  • Congrats to you.
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  • Oh Saver!!! I'm soooooo excited for you!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • Saver that is just AWESOME news!  Two babies to love!  Congratulations to you!  Just follow doctor's orders and take it as easy as you can!  Put those feet up and look after yourself!!!! *hugs*


  • Double Congratulations!! Party!!!

    Thrilled for you....and glad you could get some R&R today. Keep us posted!

  • OMG!! Congratulations!  Sorry about the spotting though.  Always scary. 
    I give up trying to get a ticker.  I have a DD that is 2.5 years old and is awesome.  Maybe I'll add a quote to distinguish myself.  Hmmm.  How about...

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  • SAVER!!!! This is amazing!!!

    So excited that you are having TWINS!!!!!


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  • Thank you!  After telling DH, I couldn't wait to get home and tell you guys about it too!!
  • Awesome!  Thats great news. 

  • Congrats on the twin news! 
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  • Exciting! Double congrats!

  • That is awesome about the 2 babies! Hope you have a happy and healthy twin pregnancy!
  • Congrats on the great U/S and on twins! I hope the spotting quits - that is nerve-wracking. :o(

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  • Congratulations!  Very exciting!
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  • My computer shut down on me the other day before I could say "Congratulations" Saver! That is such wonderful news!
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