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Garage sale pricing?

I'm getting my monster heap of baby stuff together for our garage sale on Saturday.  Most of my infant clothes are in excellent condition, some even still have tags on -- is $2 a piece/3 for $5 a reasonable garage sale price, or do people expect $1 or less?

I haven't had a garage sale since I was about 10, so I have no idea on these things.  

Re: Garage sale pricing?

  • I think it depends on the brand.   People ALWAYS try to get you to sell stuff for $.50 or $1 so if you are ready for that (and ready to say no), then you're probably okay.    I think I'd probably sell things like tshirts for $1, jeans and pants for 2-3, long sleeve shirts for 2, etc.   (
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  • I'd also say be ready for people to make a hugh pile and offer you $20 for it or something like that.  We've had a few crazy garage sale-ing people show up and ring our doorbell before we were even out yet, but I guess that's what you get when you list it on CL!  Good luck!

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  • If the brands are good and items are in like new condition then I think $2/piece is fine. For onesies/lower end brands I personally would not pay $2/piece. But it would be easier to say they're all $2 but be willing to negotiate down.
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