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*Sigh* my mom just left

She lives *twenty* minutes away.  I cried like a baby.  For no reason.  Damn hormones!!!  It was great to have her here since we came home, but now it is our turn to have our little family routine- which I am thrilled about. 

Re: *Sigh* my mom just left

  • The hormones PP are the worst!  I cried for 3 weeks straight.  It was not fun. The wacky hormones will soon be gone.  It is surreal when everyone leaves and you are just left with your baby. 
  • Awww - I cried when my mom left and I was SO ready for her to leave.  The hormones are crazy PP.  You'll enjoy getting in a routine and having some time alone with your LO. 
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  • I did the same thing when my mom left and she didn't live far away either. It's those stupid hormones! Enjoy your first weekend with just your DS and DH.
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