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2 week old with latching problems

DS is 2 weeks old and we are still having latching problems.  I have seen a LC a couple times and they help a lot.  It is much easier to get LO latched with an extra set of hands.  When we are at home I can only get him latched properly half the time.  He is so squirmy.  Any tips that really helped you correct any latch problems?  If no tips, I could really use some words of encouragement :(

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Re: 2 week old with latching problems

  • saskysasky
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    Do you have someone at home that could help you?  DH or another family member?

    We were having latching problems too.  For the first 2-3 weeks I couldn't do it on my own.  DH would have to hold DS still for me while I guided his head and my breast/nipple.  Literally every feeding was me, DS, and DH assuming our positions.  DS and I eventually got the hang of it, but it took A LOT of practice!

    Even if you don't have any extra set of hands, all I can say is keep at it and it will get better.  That is the most annoying piece of advice, but that's what people kept telling me.  And amazingly, it got a whole lot better!

    Stay positive and best of luck!

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  • L had a really hard time because the milk wasn't coming as soon as he latched.  We tried the nipple sheild, a tube contraption, and pipette feeding.  None of which I was able to successfully do on my own.  He would just scream.  What finally worked for us was pumping and using a little to take edge off and once he was calm he would latch. 

    Good luck!  I know it can be really frustrating and I literally cried everytime we tried to feed.


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