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Hi, heard about this board on MN and thought I would check it out.

I'm Jinger husband is Byron. I'm Army Reserve he's active Navy. We are stationed at JEB Little Creek - Fort Story (he's the LC and I'm the FS).

He is a Gunner's Mate 1st Class been in 12 years., I am a Drill Sergeant been in 7 years. We met in Cuba while he was playing with guns and I was working with terrorists.

We have three kids. BD is 4, L is 3 and K is 1.75.

That's about it :-)

ETA we will hit our 5 year anniversary in May.


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  • LOL @ 1.75 :-)
    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • hey hey
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  • Hi i'm new too! I'm K my DH is S. We've got 3 LOs K, L & L. DH is Navy and we're right down the road from you at NAS Oceana!
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  • imageMrsOjoButtons:
    LOL @ 1.75 :-)

    That made me chuckle, too!

    Hi, Jinger!  Its good to see you over here!

    ~*~*~*~ Smudges*Mom is Marni~*~*~*~


    Our IVF miracle was born at 41w6d while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Marni is a pre-e/HELLP Syndrome and PPD/PPA survivor!
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