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TTC after 35


 My betas are dropping. Party!!!  Last week I got that methetrexate injection, my beta  after that shot was 267.  Yesterday my beta was 78. Party!!!  Hopefully by next weeks beta draw they will be close to, if not already, zero.  Hopefully sometime this summer I will actually be able to TTC.  Party!!!


  • Great news!!  Keeping everything crossed for you to start back up in a couple months!!
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  • That's good news!!! I hope it moves along quickly for you!
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  • Thanks, I have never been so excited to finally not be (technically) pregnant.
  • Congrats, that is the best feeling of relief when that happens! I asked Joyful for a shot of beta eraser one Friday and that seemed to help.
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  • Yay!  I am glad things are falling into place =)
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  • I'm glad you got good news.  I hope you can move forward soon!

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    and I'm wicked old

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    I'm sorry you are still having to deal with this.  Yuck. 

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  • Great news that they are almost zero!!
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