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Hail and Fairwell?

 Im assuming, it means a get together to say goodbye to a deploying unit. But dont know for sure. Can some one clear this up for me


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Re: Hail and Fairwell?

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    Actually it's more like a going away party for people who are moving to another duty station (or getting out), and to meet new people who just arrived to the base. In my current unit we hold one every 3 months and it's "highly encouraged" that we all attend. Usually they aren't horrible or anything tho, more like a unit party. Some units can really throw down. I have not been assigned to one of those units yet. 

    We have these all the time in the Navy and it's like Carabiner described.  The Farewells are usually more entertaining because people tend to "roast" the person leaving.  At least at the ones I've been to anyway.



  • all of the above. They aren't too bad.. they "hail" the new people or people that have changed positions, introduce them and their families to the rest of the unit, and they "farewell" people leaving/getting out and let them speak, maybe introduce/advise the people coming in to fill their position. There is much food, usually alcohol, and good times are generally had by all. The roasts are awesome :-) We did one for my hubby's old LTC and it was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever witnessed.
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  • I went to one when I first got here and it was at the post bowling alley and was enjoyable EXCEPT when one of the guys leaving got on a soap box and lectured us for a good 20 minutes. That was annoying.
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