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B is such a sweetheart

Got a email from my cousin's wife this am that her father passed away. He has been battling cancer and my cousin and his wife just had a baby like 2 weeks ago.

Well I cried a little. I didn't know him, but things like this make me cry all the time. It's just so sad. Anyway, B says..."mommy you crying? Are you mad?"  I said "Yes I am crying a little, I am not mad, I am just a little sad". She comes over to me and says "mommy, I love you too" and gives me a kiss and hug.  Then like an hour later she asked if I was still sad. I love her. I pray has she grows up she continues to be so caring and loving of others.

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Re: B is such a sweetheart

  • What a sweet little girl!
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  • Sweet girl! 

    Cole doesn't like it when I get upset and cry either.  He tells me, "Don't be sad...be happy!"

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