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Hey - When I was working (my job only goes from September to April) and I only work 3 hours in the am, I would just go workout before picking them up at the sitters. Now I have the sitter scheduled for 1 hour each morning so I can go workout. I know if I don't do it in the am, and I wait until DH gets home from work, I won't go. Sometimes I will take them to my sister or mom to watch them while I go if they are available, but for the most part it's the sitter.

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Re: Kada626

  • oh, ok thanks. I just wondered how others do it! I work from home full time and, so far, I haven't had anyone watch the girls except for our moms a handful of times. My dad offered to watch them so I might have to take him up on that or do the gym daycare.

    Good for you for making time for yourself & actually doing it! I know I always hated going before but I felt so much better afterwards.  



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