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How to build a freezer stash?

DD is 6 weeks old.  I have to return to work 6/13.  I'm a nurse and work 12 hr days.  I'll be able to pump at work (with a hospital grade pump... yay!), but I'd like to start building up a stash for have in the freezer.  I have a PIS.  How often should I pump and when?

Re: How to build a freezer stash?

  • I am also an RN and work 12 hour days.  I pump about an hour after DS nurses in the morning and then again before bed a little while after his last feeding before bed.  I get the most in the morning and I have a good freezer stash. 
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  • I started pumping when DD was about 6 weeks old and pumped after her first morning feeding. I was getting about 3 oz a day and that seemed to build up a nice stash.
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  • I'm so full in the morning, DD nurses off one side while I pump the other side. Then I'm able to freeze 5-6 oz a day.
  • ditto, I pumped once a day to build a stash.

    I'm also a nurse :) 

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