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Had an ICSI dream

I had the weirdest dream, it was funny.  I was at a party and they had all these fertilized eggs in syringes.  Well if you weren't careful the eggs could fly into the air and get anyone pregnant including the men.  Well I ended up getting pg and I kept getting all these positives on tests but I wasn't excited at all.  I thought that the egg was from this guy who I couldn't stand in high school.  I was so bummed it wasn't DH's baby.  DH kept getting positives on pg tests too and he was freaking out, because he couldn't figure out where the baby would come out.  

What a weird dream. 

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Re: Had an ICSI dream

  • That is a really weird dream!!!

    Did you end up getting your welcome packet yesterday????

  • No Welcome Packet.  I will have to stalk the mailwoman today too.  Can you tell I am a little anxious?  

    I just can't believe DH finally came around.  I wanted to do treatments for DS but he wanted to wait and see.  We were lucky but it still took 30 months.  This time I have a lot less patience.   

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  • LOL!  Hilarious! 
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  • I think someone is on a little too many meds =P j/k

    I had one the other night where I got like 10 bfps. I since bought hpts and they are all negative. I guess no premonition for me!
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