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Convertible Carseat Recommendations

I know this question has been asked a million times, so I apologize in advance for asking yet again. I tried using the search feature to look for old posts but had no luck.

So, to beat a dead horse - can you recommend your convertible carseat? What made you choose that one out of all the others out there? I remember hearing good things about the First Years True Fit, but I know the Evenflo Triumph and Britax seats are also popular. 

Re: Convertible Carseat Recommendations

  • We have two Britax Roundabouts and have been very happy with them.  They aren't too large so they worked well in our Honda Fit and now leave some room in our Sorento.  Natalie seems comfortable in hers (haven't moved Claire yet).
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  • We have a First Years True Fit and a Britax Roundabout 50. I prefer the First years. The buckles are much easier to buckle (straps are more flexible), and you can adjust the straps without having to unthread them. It also has a weight limit of 65 lbs, vs 50 lb limit of the Roundabout 50 (the regular Roundabout has a lower limit--40 lbs, I think?--so keep that in mind). The FY is also deeper than the Britax, but comparably wide, which is nice. So we hope for this to be our last seat in that car until we move her to a booster after 65 lbs. We'll have to replace the Britax before then, obviously. I do like the Britax too though, just not as much.

    Holly got sick and threw up in the car (in the Britax) a couple of weeks ago, and unthreading vomit covered straps to be able to wash the vomit soaked cover was not fun. Ick!

    They are typically comparable in price, though we got the First Years on an awesome Amazon sale for around $150. The Britax was around $200.

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  • Hughes did a great job explaining why we bought the True Fit. 
    "Christmas 2011"

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  • imagewithoutshoes:
    Hughes did a great job explaining why we bought the True Fit. 

    Same here. Love our True Fit!

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  • We have the Evenflo Titan and a Cosco Scenera. The Evenflo is his main seat, and we have no problems with it. The Cosco is our secondary seat and isn't very plush, but DS is comfortable in it.

    I have to move car seats all.the.time to move his seat for the babysitter, and both are pretty easy to install. 

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  • evenflo triumph advance. i love it! it came highly recommended, and i've not regretted it.
  • We have true fit and triumph advance... like them both but prefer the true fit!
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  • I love our Evenflo Triumph Advance.  Great seat, especially for the price!
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  • I have the Britax Marathon and I love it. Jocelyn is very comfortable in it. The reason I went with it is because she is tall for her age and she was in the 90% for weight and height and this seat can last up to 65lbs. It also got very good reviews, came recommended from friends and family. I like that it has Velcro strips to stick the straps to when I am putting her in the seat, so the straps don't get in the way, and that it has a nice padded circle of fabric around the buckle that goes between the legs. It was easy to install and I have no complaints!



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  • imagekatiesept24:

    This is the britax we have, we love it!

    We also have the Boulevard and love it!!  Really comfy seat, Connor loves it, great ratings and very easy to move (it is our only carseat).  I highly recommend it!

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  • Thanks for all the suggestions.  I will look more closely at some of these.
  • we love our evenflo triumph advance!!
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