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Help out our furry friends!

This makes me sad! I'm going to try to do this soon. Maybe we could make a GTG out of it sometime!

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Re: Help out our furry friends!

  • That's so sad!  It's so depressing how many homeless animals there are around here.  From the things I've heard about the Wake Co animal shelter, it sounds like a really depressing place too (you have to wash your shoes in bleach when you leave, no air conditioning).  MrsHughes, if you decide to go, definitely let me know.
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  • GAH I wish I wasn't so emotional. I can't even walk around the Wake Co shelter without crying. I used to volunteer at the SPCA a lot before I got pregnant, but when my hormones kicked in I had to stop volunteering there too. Maybe after Mads is in MMO this fall I can put my big girl panties (sorry, lol) on and start volunteering again. It's so rewarding but it's so hard when you get attached to some of the animals there.
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    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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  • I've considered volunteering there but I don't need any more pets and I don't think if I'd be work there without bringing some home Crying
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