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Sheesh, do I have any blood left?

I just got home from the lab for part of my b/w.

10 vials.  

I was a tad dizzy when I left.

Re: Sheesh, do I have any blood left?

  • Wow...10 vials!  What did they need all of those for?  Hope you drank tons of OJ.
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  • A bunch of tests that the RE ordered. I don't even remember what they all were.  Cystic fibrosis carrier screening, Tay Sachs screening, CBC, etc.
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  • That does seem like a lot.  The first time I had bloodwork done I think they took 10 or 12 vials and I literally almost passed out in the chair.

    Good luck to you!!!!

  • I had b/w back in January (I think) and my RE ordered so many tests, they took 15 vials of blood. 

    And, every time I go back to the lab, they remember me.  O_O

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