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anyone here this morning?

Of course my boss is off site today...and I have all day to bump!  Not to mention (again) that I leave for vacay tomorrow, so working today was pretty much going to be non-existent anyway!  LOL!
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Re: anyone here this morning?

  • You already know this but....I'm here!!!  I am currently making hummingbird nectar and then I'm going to week my yard.  I will also probably go for a walk later. 

    My life is sooooo rough! Wink

  • hummingbird nectar?  I always thought it was colored sugar water.  LOL!  Enjoy your day!!
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  • Well the homemade stuff is just sugar water no red food coloring. They (people on the internet) call it nectar.  *shrug*  I get more action from hummingbirds with the homemade stuff than I ever did with the store bought stuff.   They love it!
  • Sloooow day at work, so I'll be here on and off. I had hoped it would be busy to make today go by faster. Oh well....
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