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J's 18mon stats and a ? about allergies

So, Jeremiah had his 18 month well visit this morning...who said he could be that old? LOL!

He's 33.25 inches and 28p4o and for the most part doing great (doc said he was ahead of schedule with language which was a relief since when he got his tubes last year he had absolutely NO hearing, and they told me to expect him to be 7 months behind on language development...so he's all caught up and THEN some...I think its because he gets to hear his sisters talk ALL.THE.TIME!)

Anyway, the only downside for Jeremiah is his breathing.  The poor boy was born with breathing issues which they promised were not permanent, but I don't think he's ever had a time where he hasn't had raspy breathing and a constant cough.  He's been treated SO many times.  Because of this, at his 15 mon visit they put him on flovent twice a day to see if that helped...well it hasn't seemed to help it much.  A few weeks ago they added claritin and well that hasn't helped much either.  So, today the doctor suggested drawing some blood to see if he's got some allergies that could be causing his issues.  So, we're waiting on that.   He said depending on the results of the blood work, we might be sent to an allergist, or we might just try to play with the medicine he's on (upping the dose or changing to a new one).

Anyone's LO deal with allergies?  What did your doctor do?  What were the symptoms your LO had?



Re: J's 18mon stats and a ? about allergies

  • Glad to hear Mr. J is doing well on his speech (too funny about his sisters talking all the time)

    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice about his allergies.  I pray the Dr.'s will be able to find the right meds to help his breathing issues!!

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