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Tulsa mom-to-be

Hi ladies! I got my BFP last week and DH and I are soooo excited and nervous! I was diagnosed with endometriosis and a fibroid and thought it would be very difficult getting pregnant.

So basically, I just wanted to say hey!

Re: Tulsa mom-to-be

  • Hey girl!  I too have endometriosis.  I've had two laps in the last 10 years.  I thought it was going to be hard too.  I'm so lucky I got preggers in 4 months.  :)
  • First of all, your weding pic is soo cute!

    I had my lap in February and was scheduled to have a myomectomy last Monday to remove the fibroid(s) when we found out we are pregnant. It was a very welcome shock but I'm glad I don't have to go under the knife again although now we have to keep an eye on the fibroid.

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  • Thank you!  It's my favorite one...obviously.  :)

    If you ever want to grab some lunch, shoot me a PM. 

    Nice to meet you!

  • Congratulations and welcome!
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