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Poll: First Haircut

I know my child still looks like the youngest recruit for the Hair Club For Men, but he is actually starting to grow some hair! It's pretty thin on top, but he's got a little curling around his ears now and I find it just adorable.

Obviously he's still quite a ways away from his first haircut, but those wisps around his ears got me thinking that one day I'll have to take him for one. So, how old was your child when you took him or her  for that first haircut? And where did you have it done? 

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Re: Poll: First Haircut

  • Just after a year old.  He went to the place where I get my haircut for his first one but we live in the country and do not have those cutesy little kids places.
  • Nate had his first trim when he was about 4 or 5 months old.  We just trimmed the mullet and some of the crazy dark hair that was laying on top of the lighter hair.  He had several trims (bangs, ears, mullet) before he was 1, and he had his first real haircut after he turned 1.

    We took him to Studio 24 in Riverwood for his 1st haircut.  They are cheap and good with kids.  Now my mom cuts his hair though.  She's free.  ;)

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  • Natalie's first real hair cut was when she was 17 mo. old.  I had trimmed her "mohawk" when she was 6 mo. old.  Because we're growing her hair out, I didn't cut it any earlier than 17 mo. and haven't cut it since.
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  • Nic has had 4 haircuts in his short life, his first was at 4 months.  He would have long hair if we would not have cut it.  We took him to snip-its at brier creek.
  • I still haven't taken Allie.  She's got a bit of a mullet, but it curls and looks fine!  I think we are just going to let her hair grow down to her butt!!  Lol.  It's almost there!
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  • I'm dreading the first hair cut, I was really hoping he would get baby curls in the back but it seems to be coming in straight. We'll probably have to trim it by the end of the summer to avoid the mullet look.
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  • I've been begging my mom to trim his hair for months, but I'm afraid it will be me that ends up doing it pretty soon. I mean, he's never going to get hired the way his hair looks now.  He's all Achy Breaky Heart in the back and it's not pretty.  While it does make me a tad sentimental to cut off his baby mullet, it's still a mullet.  Unless I braid it and make it into a rat tail?  Hmmmm... 
  • I took Dh's clippers to Ryan's head last Saturday. He had some long sprigs sticking up on top and by his ears was getting poofy.
  • we took DS just before he turned 18 months...it was curly in the back but it was getting long and mullet like. We went to snip its at Beaver creek and he really enjoyed it!!
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  • 7miles, I think the rat tail look is totally going to come back. Just wait it out. Stick out tongue
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  • I did some tiny snips once in a while when I noticed a few ends of her curls were getting dry/frizzy, but we just broke down and got her first real haircut last week - and only because she asked to go! She knows mommy and daddy go get them and was curious.  We were too afraid to cut it, we didn't want to lose her curls. The cut did just the opposite - it made it even more curly! We went to snip-its in Apex. Liv did great! She just ate her animal crackers and watched the movie. 
  • We did it a couple days before his 1st birthday - it was getting crazy and in his eyes.... We went to Doolittles, they specialize in kid's haircuts.  Will has had 3 haircuts since Dec (it grows crazy fast) and once we went to Great Clips, it was terrible.  So I am going to pay the extra $5 from now on and go to the place that knows how to cut kid's hair!!
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