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HT Triples Scores!

I was back home by 7:15am from my Triples trip....definite NERD! I wanted to shop sans J so I had to do it before DH left for work. Anyway, I spent $15 and saved $40. Not bad, but certainly not like some of you couponistas!

Weird thing...I realized when I got home that I accidentally bought Crest (ugh! I'm a Colgate girl), but they took & tripled my $0.75 Colgate coupons. Bizarre??

Re: HT Triples Scores!

  • I was there a bit before 8 and FORGOT my coupons! Ugh, I had to run back home. Anyway I spent $12 and saved $40, I was happy with it!
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  • I'm jealous! I can't go until 4:00! And I left my coupons at home! I have to run home at lunch. Ugh!

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  • I spent about $44 and saved $ thats like 100 bucks worth of groceries for about 40 bucks!!!

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  • i spent $7.75 and saved $28something, not bad. some of my coupons didn't triple though, the cashier was really picky this am.
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