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No f'ing way!!!!

So I finished my second clomid cycle and THOUGHT I got my period on Thursday. A light period, but whatever.  I went to the RE for my 1st consultation yesterday and had a vaginal ultrasound...all went well.  So my period is non-existent as of yesterday and this morning I felt really crampy and started bleeding.  This afternoon, I started bugging out thinking I could be pregnant, but kept talking myself out of it b/c I got my period and RE didn't even mention anything during my ultrasound yesterday.  I couldn't stop thinking about testing and I tested and got a BFP, which is awesome, but I am really bleeding.  I am so nervous!  I called RE and have to go in for b/w tomorrow.  I just want to scream.  Anyone ever bleed ALOT and have a successful pregnancy?  Any vibes you can spare are greatly appreciated.
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Re: No f'ing way!!!!

  • First off, CONGRATS and let this be the only scare of this pregnancy! Way to start, huh?

    I'm sorry for this scare and the uncertanity. I did bleed for weeks 5-7 with my DD and all is well with my 20 month old. My sister had tons of bleeding early on and is now 17 weeks. I know it's so scary and I don't want to give you false hope but bleeding in pregnancy does not always equal the worse case senario. My bleeding was never explained but my sister had a tear in the cord with a clot. It was scary but it healed and her pregnancy is now going smoothly.

    I hope your RE can get you right in and get your betas going. I wish you all the best. 


  • vibes are on your way.. but I'm confused that you had an u/s and they said nothing... Did they see something?
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  • Wow!  That is amazing, congrats! I could be wrong but I dont think your RE would be able to see anything via u/s if you are that early on.   With DS I had spotting, not heavy bleeding, for the first 14 weeks, I know it happens. 
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  • Thanks so much for the vibes and success stories.  I did have an u/s yesterday to check my ovaries for cysts and no one saw anything.  This is just an absurd situation.  I only went to my RE for my first appt yesterday and haven't had any testing done with her yet.  Just keeping my fingers crossed!
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  • I'm fairly certain you wouldn't see much on an u/s, if anything, that early.

    Fingers crossed that everything works out well for you.

  • Wow, that is crazy!!  

    So how far along do you think you are?  I usually had ultrasounds starting at 5 weeks (or 4 weeks 5 days or so to be exact).  At that point I believe all they could see was an empty sac, but there was certainly a sac.  That being said, I wonder if they only see it because they are looking for it (due to positive bloodwork).  

     Sending many many positive vibes!!  Did the RE take blood yesterday? They should be able to test the HCG also to figure out if the numbers are where they should be. 

  • First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!

    Second, if you're that early, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't see anything on u/s at this point anyway. You may just be bleeding because of the u/s. When I was pregnant with DS I had some significant spotting after an internal u/s, and I know when I have the ones with the RE where they're in there looking at the ovaries and everything else, they're really pressing around in there, so it's definitely possible that you're just bleeding from the irritation on your cervix.

    Hopefully the bleeding is nothing and you get some answers tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  • Congrats! I hope all goes well, keep us updated
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  • That is great!!!

    I would not worry at all about not seeing anything on an u/s yet.  Also, I bleed through my pregnancies. ( am in the middle of an episode right now) 

    The first two pregnancies it was terrifying, but I am trying to get used to it be a common occurrence for me.  Two healthy babies have come from two bleedy pregnancies, and hopefully a third!

    Good luck tomorrow with B/W!

  • Congrats!  This is awesome! 

    I am bleeder during pregnancy.  I could have written your exact post when I got pregnant with the twins and with Harmon it was much worse, I was gushing.  Try not to worry.  This can be okay.

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  • happy for you!  What a surprise!  I bleed/spotted enough, early in my pregnancy, with DS that I wore a tampon (didn't test til 5.3 wks).  Hopefully your beta numbers are high.  Good luck!
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  • Thanks so much ladies.  I hardly slept at all.  I didn't get b/w yesterday bc this didn't happen til about 5:30, so I am off to the lab for 6:30 am b/w. I am trying to keep positive and will update as soon as I know more.
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  • Oh my goodness!!!  Congrats!!!  Hoping everything works out okay :)
  • No experience, but wishing you well and hoping you get some answers (and that the bleeding stops) soon! Congratulations :)
  • Congrats! I hope you get some good answers soon!
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    I don't know much about the bleeding (was going to post on a similar topic in a min) but I just wanted to send good wishes your way! 
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