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OB Recommendation in Boston (MGH or Bringham)

Hi! Does anyone have any OB recommendation in Boston? I live across from Mass General so that's closest and ideal but I don't have any recommendations there and am wondering if I should look to Bringham instead. I'd love any recos. Thanks!

Re: OB Recommendation in Boston (MGH or Bringham)

  • Hi,

    I gave birth at MGH 6 weeks ago and had a great experience. My doctor was Rebecca Kolp and I loved her.

  • Dr. Julie Jolin at MGH...  I loved her!!!!!
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  • I'm delivering at MGH and using one of their midwives. Her name is Marie Henderson, and I love her!
  • I LOVE Dr. Kolp!!  I had her for years but due to some complications, I had to switch to Dr. York Best, who is in her practice.  I would recommend Dr. Kolp and Dr. York Best.  They're both out of MGH.
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