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DH goes for his 4th SA tomorrow

DH is going for his 4th SA tomorrow and we are hoping for great numbers.  His last one that he done a month ago was not good at all.  the count was ok but the morph was 0%...I am hoping for better.  After this we meet with the RE and set up our plan whether it is IUI or IVF... I am nervous and i am hoping God is on our side.  I think the RE is pushing towards IVF which scares me to death...Have there been any success stories with very low to no morph with an IUI?  TIA


Re: DH goes for his 4th SA tomorrow

  • I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with low morph but just wanted to wish you the best of luck!!!!!!
  • I am surprised they are doing a SA only a month later.  Usually it takes 3 months for a new batch to be formed.  Good luck though.  We did conceive DS without any treatment with a 0 - 1% morph.  So it is possible a IUI will work.  This time around I am going to push for IVF since time is short.  



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  • I dont have any experience but I wanted to wish you good luck!  I hope you get great results :)
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