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Baby Shower Venue on the Seacoast

So I am in charge in finding an affordable venue to have our baby shower at and I live in Dover NH. I want to know if any of you have any ideas, within a 20 mile radius of Dover. By affordable I mean something under 300 for a couple hours of rental and we plan on supplying our own food and non alcoholic beverages for those under 21. Thanks girls!

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  • I'm from Dover (but live in Manchester now).  Have you thought using the rec center?  It's brand new (at the old junior high) and I know a lot of people use it for kids birthday parties, etc.  Call Dover Rec for info!
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  • Maybe try posting this on one of the local boards on The Knot.  I am sure those girls could recommend someplace great!
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  • Hey check out Great bay catering (its the name of the hall)
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