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Hey there... I think I saw you guys at sign language class on Sat AM.  We were walking up and you guys were walking out of class.  I was going to call out your name, but 1. Didnt want to look like a crazy woman on the streets of CDM and 2. Didnt really know if it was you or if your name is really Kristel.  HAHAHA!  You were scaling the wall to the parking lot when I was walking into the class.  I am curious if your daughter is picking anything up yet.  Its fun (though right in the middle of our nap time, so that makes it ohhh so fun for me) but I wanted to come early to see the older kids class.  But of course we were 5 minutes too late.  Dang!

Let me know if you guys still take the class.  Next time I will say HI!


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  • I can't believe you got to see me in the middle of such an undignified activity!  That was us, and my name really is Kristel.  Hopefully we'll get to meet you this Saturday!

    DD signs "milk," "thank you," "all done," "eat" and "more" now, although she doesn't always use more and all done correctly.  This morning she signed those two back to back and then looked at me to see how I'd react.  :-)  It's really amazing to have her able to tell me what she wants, though, since she's not talking on schedule.

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