Feeding woes

Reese won't eat.  Well, she'll eat puffs and yogurt melts, but do those really count as nutrition since you have to comsume like 90 puffs to get 25 calories? 

At her one yr appt, she had dropped from the 25-50th percentile to the 15th.  She's continued to stay in the 95-97th percentile for height.  The dr wants her to gain extra weight by her 15 month appt, but she just won't eat. 

I've tried everything.  She will drink milk and eat yogurt, toast, bananas and blueberry pancakes.  She used to eat everything we put in front of her, so this is beyond frustrating for me. 

It doesn't help that she's had diarrhea for the last 4 days.  If she still has it by Sat. we have to take her in for a weight check, which scares me! 

Not really sure what the point of this was, other than to vent!  Thanks for listening ladies!

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Re: Feeding woes

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    Simon sometimes goes through phases where he won't eat.  Tonight he refused to eat dinner and only wanted milk.  Between his 12mo. and 15mo. appt. his weight has definitely slowed down (from 95% down to 75%) but the pedi didn't seem worried since all was well.

    Can you add fats to the things that she does like; butter, olive oil, cream cheese, etc.?

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    I forgot to add that apple sauce and mashed sweet potatoes are usually "never fail" foods so we have been mixing meat, veggies into them and he will eat whatever.  He ate zucchini in applesauce!!!  YUCK!
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    I'm not to your stage yet but I have a very picky niece that I'm around a lot, she only eats fruits and chicken. Here are some ideas that came to my mind (if my kids have picky problems, I'd like to know if these would be possible choices too). Soft chicken fingers w/ ranch for dip, strawberrys and bananas with chocolate sauce for dip, sweet potato french fries, meatballs. What do you think? Does the option to dip make things more enticing to children?

    Will she eat a mcdonald's hamburger? haha! I'm joking, I just remember as a kid getting mcdonalds hamburgers all the time because my cousin was terribly picky and that's all she would eat.

    Good luck to you!

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    With Andrew I never know WhAT he'll eat. It's probably a bad habit, but, I keep little containers of various leftovers.  I'll let him try each until he can pick which one he likes.  Usually he'll be okay with something.  One night it might be chicken out of soup I've made, another night mac & cheese, pieces of scrambled egg, another night pasta salad, but I avoid offering puffs b/c he'll want nothing else :-) 

    You can only do so much! I hope her appetite picks up soon!

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    I just wanted to say, that if you do go in for a weight check and she's had diarrhea, personally, I wouldn't put too much value on that weigh in. Evan can loose close to a pound with a bout of diarrhea, but he makes it up in the next couple of weeks. Honestly, a LOT of kids I know do the same. It would be better to wait a couple of weeks post diarrhea to weigh.
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