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Richmond Mommies who want a friend?

This may sound silly but I have lived in Richmond my entire life but NONE of my girlfriends are pregnant with me! This is our first and I want to make other pregnant friends so my baby can have some friends when it comes time for play groups and things like that! This may seem premature and silly but i guess when you find out your pregnant, these thoughts pop into your head!

Our baby is due in October this year :) Anyone else need a pregnancy friend?

Re: Richmond Mommies who want a friend?

  • I'm due July 2... I'm a little further along than you, but not much  :)  where in Richmond do you live? We're in Glen Allen. I keep a pretty busy schedule, but would love to meet new people! 
  • I already have a 2 and 1/2 year old, but I am *hoping* to join the PG club soon (I'll know in a week)   :)  I'm down in Chester!
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  • Hi! I'm in the Lakeside area. I'm due June 23rd. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Hey!  I am moving to Richmond in June and we are expecting September 25!  I would love to get to know some people in Richmond, we are moving for my husband's job so I know no one!  PM me if you want my email addy. 
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