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Hi All,

I'm looking for recommendations for a photographer who could do really cool newborn pictures - like the sleeping naked baby kind. The ones I like have been shockingly expensive considering it's seriously just a few hours of work!

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  • I recommend contacting Jodi Krauss. I think she has very reasonable rates and is a great photgrapher. She is a neighbor of mine. I stopped by with my baby just to drop a few things off. She took out her camera for a few quick candid pictures, and I'm so impressed with how they came out! Good luck.

  • We will be using Heidi Hope photography:

    Beautiful photographs and definitely more reasonably priced if you do a studio shoot. 

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  • B13 Photography is fantastic. They now have a studio about a half hour from Boston but can also travel to your home. My friend used them and the pictures were outstanding, The website is: I hope this helps!
  • Sessions cost a lot because despite the shoot only being a short amount of time...a lot of work goes into post processing...just an FYI as a Photographer.

    That being said, I'm local and a Photographer and in the process of building my portfolio...if you're interested at all PM me your email and I can send samples etc.  

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  • I have a friend who is from the Boston area who does some really beautiful work.


    Her website can be seen here:

  • I have a very close friend of mine that isn't a professional photographer, per se, but takes BEAUTIFUL pictures.  Since all of her friends and family have been pushing her to go professional, she created a website with her pictures.  She's amazing!!!  She was invited to my baby shower as a guest and took some pictures while she was there, she did an AMAZING job!  Her website is  Her name is Arielle!  Tell her Marilee sent you!!  :)
  • check out Melissa Robotti... she's out of Arlington. 
  • I am a professional photographer in the Boston area and I am expecting my first this October! You can check out my website at Also, check out my most recent work on my blog at! Well, I would love to talk with you more about your photography needs!! 




    Kelly is FANTASTIC! And she has great specials...If you have something to barter she may even go for that. Ours are the feet...the his and hers pregnancy shot and the baby on the chair ( I never let go of the bay)- That's how good she is!


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  • We've used Sara Sun ( a couple of times and loved her work.  We will use her again when DS is born this summer.  I highly recommend her.
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