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2nd Trimester

Boys names AND middle names!

Ok.  SO and I have narrowed down to these names:

For Girl: Gabriella, Isabel or Sabrina.

For Boy: Liam.

We do need a few more boys' names ideas...we won't be naming the LO until we spend a few hours with him/her...get a feel for the personality, etc.

We also need middle names!

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Re: Boys names AND middle names!

  • Here is what BabyCenter pulled up GavinOwen,  EthanLoganNoahLandon
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  • I LOVE Liam, but DH is not a fan. Blake, Joshua, Mason, Ethan and Josiah are also on my list.
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  • We are naming our LO Seth Ian
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  • I love all of your names!  Boy names I liked are Rowen (my DS's name), Finn (Finley), Aidan, Noah, Jonah, Oliver, Riley, and Lucas.
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  • well DS is Ethan, so we like that!!  as for this one, no idea.  it took us till I was 37 weeks to agree on Ethan.

    so far we both kinda like Owen, Liam, Nolan.  DH likes Nathanial but I refuse on that.  I like Matthew but his sister( who we do not speak too) named her son that.  

    middle name will be after someone.  My dad is Allen, or his dad Paul.  

  • I really wanted to name LO Noah Ryan but SO said no.

    And for a girl Alley Rachel

    I like the Gabriella

    We are naming our LO Dylan Anthony


  • DS is Nolan.

    We've tossed around Jude, Desmond, Graham/Graeme, Alistair, Julian/Jules, Rhys/Reese, Davis, Blake, Simon, Miles, Gray, Andrew and Wesley (Wes) for this baby.

    We are a LONG WAY from narrowing our lists and seeing what we agree on.

    Nolan 6/9/08
    m/c 4/09- 10 weeks
    Julian 9/11/10
  • We are naming our LO Nolan Douglass.  If for some chance it ends up being a girl it will be Hannah Elizabeth


  • My DS is Aden Joseph


    So far we have Carson if its a boy & Jena if its a girl.  We're trying to toss other names around.  I said Luke & my DH says "Yeah! Then I can say, Luke, I am your faaather" I nixed that one.   The middle name will deffinitly be a family name.

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