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ob recommendation in Loudoun County (Ashburn)

Hi! We're moving from DC to the Ashburn area and I happen to be 7 months pregnant..not the best timing, but it is, what it is....


Does anyone have any experience having a baby at Inova Loudoun County... And also, any recommendations with your ob would be great!

Thanks So much in advance!


Re: ob recommendation in Loudoun County (Ashburn)

  • omg! I have no idea why that picture from the kid from twilight is showing up on my page!!! I did not download that and it's a little disturbing that it's on there...


    anyway.... I took a look at some previous posts asking the same question and found some good rec's,..

  • Hi! I've heard people raving about Inova Loudoun, turned out 3 of my friends had delivered their babies there (and I didn't even know.... duhhh!). I've gone with Loudoun Physicians for women, have my first pre-natal visit scheduled for the week of 19th April so don't know if they're good or great yet.

    A really good friend who had a baby a year ago recommended Dr Angela Bess to me (raving about her expertise and bedside manner) but it turns out Dr. Bess is not taking any newly pregnant patients (its her private practice and she's the only doc)... Since you're in your 7th month, she might take you. Here's her intro if you're interested. 


    Good luck!

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  • I got to Loudoun Physicians for Women.  They are a great group of doctors.  You may also want to visit the DC boards too as there are many of us from Northern Virgina on that board instead of the Virginia Board. :o)




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  • So I had my first pre-natal appointment with Dr. Brown (Loudoun Physicians for women) and she was just awesome Yes. I dread Pap smears and pelvic exams.... she was so great, she put me at ease by chatting away and I felt minimum discomfort..... I'm so happy I went to her Big Smile.
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